What phone case is best for easily overheated phone?

For a phone that tends to overheat, you’ll want a case that promotes cooling rather than retaining heat. Here are some key features to look for in a phone case if overheating is a concern:

  1. Material: Choose a case made from a material that doesn’t insulate heat. Metal cases, while durable, can sometimes retain heat, so it might be better to opt for silicone or hard plastic cases as they are generally better at dissipating heat.
  2. Design: Look for cases with a minimalist design that doesn’t cover the phone too tightly. Some cases are designed with ventilation or have cutouts beyond the standard camera, charger, and speaker holes, specifically to enhance airflow around the device.
  3. Thermal Conductivity: Some advanced phone cases are designed with thermal conductivity in mind, incorporating materials or technology that actively help to draw heat away from the device. Cases with graphene sheets are an example, as graphene is known for its excellent thermal conductivity properties.
  4. Added Features: Some specialized cases might come with built-in cooling mechanisms, such as small fans or heat dissipation materials, to help keep the device cool during intensive operations like gaming or video streaming.

It’s also a good idea to manage your phone’s workload by closing unnecessary apps and reducing screen brightness, as these can contribute to overheating. Regularly cleaning your phone and case to ensure that vents are not blocked by dust or lint can also help.

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